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Excerpt “Welcome To Edan”

I smiled and half stood, “Hey that’s our stuff, Adie. Who’s the author?” “Wait until Kanye sees this Adie, he’ll be stoked. When’s he gonna be here?” Kanye was my half brother. A loud, obnoxious recluse who smoked, drank, and gamed to excess, but made up for it in his relentless ability to manage networks, wrangle computing hardware and manipulate data. His sys admin skills had made him a sort of celeb inside media hipster circles and afforded him a lucrative lifestyle. I lauded his skills, disdained his excess, and relentlessly tried to get him involved in for-profit philanthropy hoping his cred would rise to a respectable level. I wouldn’t hassle his tormented soul this vacation. Adamian and Eviana would do all the work for me, coming from a long line of activists and ex-pats, they were green, academic, independent and persuasive. They were the ones who got me out of Lowescorp architecture sweatshops and into Firefly Technologies. Firefly had been an agile development movement spawned from the commercial space races. The technology doppelganger of 1940’s Arts and Crafts Movement.

Let me explain; the merging of a citizen government movement with distributed development adhocracies was hyperbombed by a massive divestment of corporate monopolies which being targeted by international courts, established non-hierarchal corporate intellectual and physical corporate townships governed by for-profit ventures, and funded by foreign investors seeking to shelter profits from the union. The neo-fascism was loosely held, meaning that resources were moved transparently from citizen, corporation, to township. The Federalist government being subtly dissolved and remaining as a symbolic shell, America no longer needed a representative government. Technology had definitely resolved that concern, leaving socialist governments in abject terror of a domino collapse of de-centralized corpocracies. Local states began to tax the Fed for use of federal lands. Reverting all wealth back to the citizens, while the now unmanaged bureaucracies blossomed in the new free market democracy. The utopian promises of communism were being experienced through artificially intelligent algorithms and hive collectives, or were they?

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Of life’s two chief prizes, beauty and truth, I found the first in a loving heart and the second in a laborer’s hand.
Khalil Gibran (via cleopatracomnenos)
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In 1974, cult film director Alejandro Jodorowsky attempted to create a big-screen adaptation of Frank Herbert’s seminal science fiction novel “Dune.” While the ambitious production collapsed after two years, Jodorowsky’s team of then relatively unknown concept artists continued exploring the themes and styles started on the project and ended up changing modern science fiction forever.

I was able to catch this at a midnight showing and greatly enjoyed the film. Very inspiring for creatives, fans of sci fi, and historians.

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Author & futurist David Brin shares his favorite science fiction movies. What are your favorites?

The Island
Minority Report
12 Monkeys

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1st Excerpt from “Edan” (rough)

"A complete and rich world of fantasy, discovery and self study that will appeal to a wide audience of knowledge seekers, diversionists, and futurism fans." By Esau Kessler

"Kan" | forward


Evie Godfrey opened her eyes and gasped deeply, fumbling for the natural rock border of the outdoor pool, a loud roar of crickets purred relentlessly, as she cleared her ears of water, bringing the left corner of her mouth to a slight wavering grin. She had seeded the cricket population on the islands. Being careful to comply with The Commons and multinational laws governing bio formed environments, through the painful process of research reports and certifications. She could visualize the thorax of Circadia Canthis and the slightly protruding appendages responsible for the early morning symphony.

" ‘Ello Evie" Kanye’s voice broke her meditative state, causing her to flinch sharply and draw her arms around her bosom and waist.

Trying to look relaxed, she lowered her arms and spun towards the voice, “What are you doing up so early?”

She stood facing him in the dimness across the pool, his LED tattoos shimmered and moved like flowing streams across his body. Mildly surprised by the spectacle she raised and eyebrow, “When you get all that ink, Mr. Kasperov?”

"I was three shites and ‘lust a ‘bate."

Kanye had closed the gap more quickly startling her a second time. Looking into his eyes for the first time since the transport race, and shaking her head: “Well good for you, for being sober…should I ask how you lost the bet?”

Kanye was wearing his faded blue NASA issued trunks, and Evie looking him over pleasingly “You haven’t changed much Mr.Kasperov, a few more scars, a little more mature, you are the same creature Kan’.” She hadn’t called him that in 15 years. They stared into each other’s faces in the grey-blue dawn. Awkward yet relieving, pleasurable yet painful, feeling right and yet so wrong.

The crickets purred.

Kanye tightened his lips, exhaling sharply through his nostrils, “What happened ‘sheila?” Evie inhaled deeply, her eyes widened in search for an answer. His directness less than comforting as usual. “I mean you just up an disappeared, wouldn’t take me calls, your bleedin’ avater’ wouldn’t even respond. And then when you did, it was so callous and indifferent. Didn’t even seem like you.”

He seemed to peer into her soul despite the lack of light. She swallowed.

"Look Kasperov, now is not the time or place for this convo, you were flunking out of school, you couldn’t pay your bills, and you drank way too much!" (the words came easy, surprisingly, a worn and easy groove to cut him down again, yet she detected no fear in him, as if he wasn’t listening.) "I mean for Oprah’s sake!" (She went on) Kan’ if it weren’t for me getting you into the program…investigators were after you.” The words hung dead in the air, like a cortex recording from another era. Kanye seemed unruffled by her attack, not like he was ignoring her feelings, but as if he were accepting them. Slowly he reached for her nude shoulder, she stiffened imagining Adie walking out to catch them holding each other tightly.

Her mind raced in time with her heart, if only she could tell him how she’d cried and wept, and hovered over the com waiting for months. If only she could tell him how hard things were now with her work,the island, and all the children…and what it was like being married to Adamian Godfrey, and how he made her feel so small.

Noticing her hesitation “Ay it’s only innocent huggin’ to say I’m sorry Eviana” He held her softly, whispering her into calm, though her eyes darted madly about through the tears.

She put her arms about his muscled shoulders, his skin like warm oil to her soul in the chilly twilight.


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(ARTICLE) » The Awful Truth About Author Marketing

I like how new associate and local author Jacob Nordby talks about life & business; compassion. Not just a buzzword on the clipboard of the motivational speaker; there is power in human emotions, and compassion can help unlock it.

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Hi, I’m Esau Kessler and I am a real human, science fiction writer, and the author of this Tumblr. Checking in.

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"Transcendence" film

There were so many bad reviews, I went with low expectations. But I think the overall science fiction message of the film went over more than a few peoples heads.
If you understand the context of the singularity, the film poses some challenging questions, without drawing any direct conclusions and therefore I find it a worthwhile performance.
Not a must see, but a fun head trip. Which I am sure is why Depp was involved.